Making your Family Vacations a Work Trip

After visiting Costa Rica in 1999, I told myself I wouldn’t return until I wrote novel and got it published. 17 years later, I’m returning. It took much longer than I expected. Many years of self-doubt and work and starting a business and starting a family made writing increasingly difficult. But on January 24th, I’m heading back to Costa Rica with my wife and daughter. … Continue reading Making your Family Vacations a Work Trip

Another Alternative Setting for a Book Signing

I set up a book signing at Waterboyz surf shop in Pensacola, FL for Saturday the 24th. Again, trying different settings as opposed to a book store for selling books. In these alternative settings – breweries, surf shops, etc – there isn’t direct competition like in a bookstore where people have thousands of other books to choose from. And books from authors they have heard … Continue reading Another Alternative Setting for a Book Signing

Suttree’s Knoxville 

Heading to Knoxville in the morning on the drive back to Pensacola after spending Thanksgiving week visiting the in-laws in Cincinnati.  I’ve never been to Knoxville, but feel like I know the city pretty well after reading Cormac McCarthy’s early works, especially Suttree on numerous occasions. I’m excited to see these places in person. While googling around on how to locate the spots mentioned in … Continue reading Suttree’s Knoxville 

Some Thoughts on Election 2016

First, this song comes to mind. Melodramatic? Maybe. Have we all just become reality TV participants? At least we know Hillary wasn’t cut out for the job. She couldn’t even rig an election correctly. Election Day should be a national holiday celebrated by sitting in a tavern and having arm wrestling matches. My daughter, she’s six, when she woke up the next morning and we … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Election 2016