Currently Reading: A Confederacy Of Dunces


I’m about 200 pages into this book and those pages were a struggle. I’ve wanted to quit a few times, but once I start a book, I have this weird rule that I must finish it. I’ve invested time into it and if I quit now it would be time wasted. John Kennedy Toole’s biography is what attracted me to the book. I was intrigued that it was published after Toole killed himself because he couldn’t get published. That Walker Percy decided to publish it intrigued me further. It won a Pulitzer. It’s set in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities. I was certain it would instantly become one of my favorite books. Not the case. Ignatius J. Reilly kind of pisses me off and there isn’t another character in there that I like. I question why I’m spending so much time with them. It is funny. I’ll give it that The hot dog vending scene had me laughing. But I can’t find any way to connect with Reilly. I don’t empathize with him. I’ve got 200 pages left and maybe I’ll “get it” when I finish. Maybe the greatness of this book becomes clear at the end. Has anyone else had this response while reading A Confederacy of Dunces?


7 thoughts on “Currently Reading: A Confederacy Of Dunces

      1. I feel bad for the dude. Maybe it’s because I know the author’s story prior to reading this and I’m projecting him into the character. Something I fear people will do to me with my characters.

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  1. I adored this book and feel terrible you aren’t having the same experience. I found the satire so amusing and caught myself laughing out loud throughout. I do believe you have to be in the right frame of mind to appreciate it. It’s not a shitty romantic comedy you can breeze through in any mood. Maybe put it down and revisit it.

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